Roland JP-8000 Vintage Supersaw Synth – Cleaning and Repair – part 1

I bought this JP8K at eBay last week for a fair price. Condition looks OK – not too beaten up – but it requires some work – as with all synths with this age.

The JP8K is a 20 years-old “virtual analog” synth. It was release in 1997 and it was the first of its kind to offer a special oscillator named “supersaw”, which combined multiple saw oscilators into a single one, allowing the creation of amazing “new” sounds. Because of that, this synth was extensively used in trance – and electronic – music in general – until today.

To take this synth apart, a lot of work is required. It is not a straight forward procedure. For this first part, I will leave you with the quick video I made about the issues and you can also see the overall condition of the synth. It is dusty, a bit marked and it also came with one slider cap missing. In the next post I will share everything I’ve done to clean it up and repair it (hopefully) and, finally, post a video with it fully working as new.

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