Unboxing some goodies that I picked up today!

Today is a good day. Or is it goodies day? Well, I would say BOTH!

I received a donation of a lot of stuff that was just accumulating dust in some loft. In the package, was a PowerMac 6100/60 with it monitor, an Apple Stylewriter 2400 printer, a SCSI flatbed scanner and a SCSI Zip Drive. Previous owner said that it was all working before he put them away, long ago.

As always, with machines that old, chances are internal battery leaked and corroded vital parts of the motherboard. So, even before attempting to open it up (even though it is a breeze to open up a 6100 Mac), I wanted to test it. I was dying to test it, actually.

In this video, I show you the unboxing of everything and the PowerMac test. Later on, I will come up with some videos showing the cleaning up and refurbishing of the equipment. Haven’t tested the Zip Drive and printer yet. I need to clean them up first. Don’t want to risk having the dust going deeper inside if I try to see if they work ?

Stay tuned!