Powerbook 5300cs major battery leakeage cleanup

I love the Powerbook 5300 because it brings me so many good memories. It has been a while since I was looking for one. About 6 months ago, I found one at eBay going for about 25 quid, so I bought it. It turned out to have a fried motherboard. So, I kept it for spares. I kept looking from time to time trying to find another one… finally, I did. Last week, I bought the one you will see in the below video for 40 quid.

It was in operational state, but the seller warned me about a bad battery leakage. So, I knew it would have to undergo some cleaning and repairing work. I was just hoping the motherboard was fine. And it was!

The work was a success, and I documented it in the video that follows. Hope you enjoy it!

Powerbook 3400c tear down and clean up

This video shows a full disassembly of a Powerbook 3400c, thorough cleaning and test. This Powerbook was bought at eBay for 40 quid, in an operational state. But the PRAM (CMOS) battery needed to be removed to avoid leakage, so I took the opportunity to fully disassemble it and clean it.

The vĂ­deo is fairly long (1h 30min).